Mountain Biking Trails

Windy Brow Adventures have 3 well designed mountain biking trails to choose from. These trails cater for all experiences, ranging from short easy trails for the whole family, to trails that would entice even the experienced participants.

Entry Fees R50/adult and R20/children under 13

Green Route

The green route consists of 3 loops aimed for the beginner cyclist. Each loop can be done independently, or combined to form a longer route.

Total: 10km

1km, 3km or 5km

Blue Route

The blue route is aimed at the more experienced rider and has a mixture of single track, Jeep track and a couple of moderate technical areas

Total: 14km

Single track and jeep track

Red Route

The red route is aimed at more experienced riders and has a good mixture of single track as well as jeep track with good rocky climbs and descents which gives it a higher technical grading.

Total: 22km

Single track and climbs

Hiking and Trail Running Trails

  1. Windy Brow Adventures have 3 trails to choose from. Each route was designed for the hiker / trail runner to enjoy a different aspect of the reserve. The routes start and end the same location, and can be combined to form a longer trail.

Adult day pass entry fee is R50 and children R25.

Archaeology Route

The Archaeology route (white signs) has the least amount of climbing. This route enables you to fully appreciate the birdlife.

Total: 4.5km

Least climbing

Triology Route

The Triology route (yellow) is the shortest of the three loops. It has more climbing than the Archeology route. This route goes along and over the Quartzite koppie overlooking the Permier Diamond Mine.

Total: 3.3km

Shortest with some climbing

Ecology Route

The Ecology Route (green) is the longest with the most climbing of all three routes. On this route, you are likely to view the wild life.

Total: 5km

Longest with some climbing